The 1st Year of Costumes

Here's the quick video view. For links to each wave (in order), keep scrolling.

Don’t sell yourself short, every day is worth a view (well, mostly). Here we’ve compiled a master list of all the waves that made up the first year of this epic project. 
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Day 166.5 - MJ (apparently someone can't count)

 There's An App for That?!

Splash Screen
Yes, it's true. The new, best place to check out all of the 170 Costumes is on the Wave At The Bus App on your very own iPad or iPhone!

I bought "the App" for Rain's iPod Touch and Rikki even spent 99 cents of her own money to buy it for her iPhone. It's really cool! It includes all of the costumes (in higher-res than the blog), along with the blog quotes from each day. And it includes a special feature that I'm looking forward to... a "SUBMIT" button. Here's the deal: snap a photo of you or someone you love waving at someone else you love and send it to us! Tell us anything you'd like about the photo and who knows, maybe your smiling, waving self will appear here on the blog!

So buy the app, laugh at the costumes, and share a few "Waves" with us.

Home Screen
Sample Screen, with captions turned on

And the app also allows you to search by keyword, scroll through the list of days, or select a date to see what the costume of the day was for a particular date.

Fellow Android users: maybe someday...

And if you don't have a iPhone or iPad... you can still check them all out. Right here on the blog.