Monday, September 22, 2014

Awkward Family Photos

Who wouldn't want to be featured on "Awkward Family Photos"? Yeah. That happened. Click here for the gallery of photos they "borrowed" from our blog.

(they missed more than a few good ones on their post!)

Friday, September 19, 2014

One year later!

One year ago today, Rain left for Africa. I celebrated by putting together this video, reflecting on the past five months. This is the "Elder Price Goes to Africa Part 2" video:

If you missed Part 1, it was pretty good too. ;-)  It covers from the time Rain got his call until his 19th birthday, 11 months later:


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Brave 5K

I was getting on a plane to fly home and texting my husband info about meeting me at the SLC airport.

He writes back, "I'm signed up for a 3K tomorrow."

Me: Really? Where?
Dale: Murdock Trail

Me: Cool! Where does it start?
Dale: (forwards me a link to the race site)

Me: 5k and 1 miler
Dale: 5k not 3k

Me: Have you run that far yet?
Dale: I will tomorrow.

And that is how my husband does things. Not a lot of planning. Not a lot of over thinking. Just action:

In the words of our friend and CrossFit Coach, Keena (Ultimate Peak CrossFit):
"He said he wanted to run a race this coming January, but needed time to get ready. So, Friday in class we were talking and I mentioned that the "Lengthen Your Stride" running series is awesome and held right on our local Murdock trail and that they would give him a FREE entry in honor of his own awesomeness.. and he agreed that he just needed to get out and get the dang 5k under his belt.. and HE DID! PEGLEG RAN A 5K!! BLADE RUNNER RAN A 5K!! OH YEAH! A BIG HUGE THANKS TO SUMMIT RACES/LENGTHEN YOUR STRIDE RUNNING SERIES FOR GIVING DALE THIS TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY! You guys are great!!"