Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 6: Flashback Friday

This week we take a look back at Days 23 through 27.

Honestly, it's hard to choose from these. They are some of my favorites (I wonder how many times I will say that over the course of these Flashback Fridays...). But really, they were starting to get fun, and funny, and Ryatt made his first cameo appearance this week. So here's what we have, and my thoughts. In a mixed up order:

Day 27: Where's the Snow? I'm starting with this one, because it's definitely not the winner. But I love the hat (yes, it's mine), and I'd like to point out how totally dated those skis are. They were mine as well. We bought them in 1988. Notice the color and design. Haha! I think Dale and I both got new skis that year (yes, he was an avid skier back in his two-legged days. And yes, he knows that he can still do it, but life if slower and more painful with one leg and he chose to focus on paintball instead of skiing. He'll get back out there someday).  The skis did get dropped off at DI this past summer (in Utah, the predominant thrift store is called DI, short for Deseret Industries it's a great non-profit organization to donate your surplus goods). I wonder if they'll ever see the slopes again.

Day 24: Have a Groovy Day This was definitely groovy. And another one of those pieced-together get-ups brought to us by more than one neighbor (the hat came from one friend, the fur coat from another). 

Day 23: Cowboy Up  Loved this one--ordinary items put together in just the right way. The jacket and work gloves are Dale's, the hat is mine, and of course, the horse is Ryatt's. This wave was even immortalized by Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Day 25: Wham! Pow! Ouch! I do believe this was Dale's first wave "in tights." Certainly not the last. It didn't take much convincing to get him to throw on shorts over the tights.

Day 26: Batman AND the Boy Wonder Ryatt is usually asleep for the morning waves. Occasionally he'd wake up and watch out the window or glass door. He was so excited when Dale wore the Robin costume, because he's a big Batman fan, and had a hand-me-down Batman costume (used to be Rain's). He LOVED being part of the action.

And the winner is...  Day 26: Batman AND the Boy Wonder  because, as his mother, I just loved seeing the "little guy" out there waving at his brother and joining in the fun!

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