Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 3: Flashback Friday

This week's Flashback Friday includes Day 9 through Day 12. A funny thing about this week is that this is when we got our first little bit of publicity. My sister, Suzanne, sent a note to her good friend Rebecca Cressman, who had gone to Patrick Henry High School with Dale (my alma mater as well). Suzanne told Rebecca about the daily waves, saying "Hey Rebecca... having teenage boys AND having gone to Patrick Henry with Dale Price, I know you'll appreciate what he is doing to make his son feel loved in the morning! Yes, Dale married my sister Rochelle and they live in AF." Along with a link to the blog. The next morning Suzanne sent me a note saying that Rebecca was going to mention Dale "on the air" on FM100, a local radio station. Here's how that "mention" went:

And of course, being the technological wizard that I think I am, I recorded the streaming audio from the FM100 Internet stream and, after getting permission from Rebecca, I posted that audio to YouTube and subsequently shared the "mention" on my facebook page. Here's a glimpse of the response we got from  facebook friends (click on pic to view original size):

Now, I'd like to point out that right there, on September 9th, 2010, my friend Marianne "called it." We laughed at the suggestion she made, but she actually said, "He's going to end up on Good Morning America. . . :o)"  Who knew? Well, apparently Marianne did.

On a similar note, last week we had a comment on the Flashback Friday post that went something like this:

The Reverse-Dad said... When you got on TV I heard some comments that I didn't agree with saying you were intentionally embarrassing your son to teach him a lesson, did you feel they were valid at all? Were you trying to teach him something? I read your story and the vibe I got was "Fun Dad wants to engage his son and doesn't care what anyone else thinks!" 

Well, actually, since I copied and pasted that, the question went exactly like that. Since this is a common question, I thought I'd say something about it here: We weren't trying to teach any lessons. I think lessons were learned (like how to laugh at your dad and appreciate his love without being ashamed of him), but the lessons were the bonus, and Rain pretty much knew that stuff already. We were mostly just laughing with our son, putting a smile on his face. There weren't a lot of kids on the bus, and many of them knew us already anyway. I had one friend tell me (after the first three days) "Tell Dale THANKS! My daughter refused to ride the bus until she learned what Dale was doing. It's so great!" We like to laugh and we like to laugh with our kids. Waving at Rain was simply a way of laughing and smiling with him each morning. The costumes were not so much costumes (in the beginning) as they were just silly props and kids dress-ups from the toy box. We didn't know how long the waves would continue. We kind of thought we'd go until we ran out of toys, making sure we got a curlers one in there and a shaving cream one, and then quit before it got too cold and dark to stand outside and take pictures. We definitely didn't think we'd be doing it all year. And so that's how it began, along with the deep thoughts and planning (or lack thereof) that went into it.

With all that said, our Flashback Friday award goes to "The Pink Princess!!" aka "Day Ten - Have a Princess Perfect Day" This was the first girly outfit, generating a lot of smiles and laughter.

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