Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 4: Flashback Friday

Up for review this week... Days 13 through 17.

By way of reminder, Day 13 was the Referee (Life's Not Always Fair). A possible tribute to Dale's dad, as Dale spent much of his childhood playing in the bleachers with his brothers while his dad refereed basketball games.

Day 14 was the first paintball gun day. Dale in his gear. If you zoom in on the back shot, you'll see his team name on the back of his jersey: Paraplegic Turtles. This one made it little tough to find something to say. What is there to say about waving at a bus with a gun in hand? "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!" ??

Day 15 was our first (indirect) Village People reference. I really just felt like breaking out in a chorus of Y-M-C-A when I saw him out there. If only a few of the neighbors could have joined in as band members...

Day 16 was something of a nod to Rain's younger years. The dress-up cape and crown were simply child-sized. When our kids were younger and Legoland California was new, we "invested" quite a bit in their swords and shields and other costumes (like the pink princess on Day 10). Ryatt and his friends still use these props almost daily.

Day 17 came from Dale's motorcycle days. He likes to share the story that those fine leather gloves he's wearing still have dried blood on them from his own car versus truck collision. And that is the same helmet he was wearing on the fateful day, May 10th, 1992. He's obviously good at hanging on to the sentimental things in his life. But really? Wash the gloves already.

And this week's Flashback Friday winner is... Day Fifteen - Building Memories
Why? I just like the realistic look of the set up, down to the circular saw in his hand and the ladder in the background. Why else? Well at this time in "the waves" we had no idea of the impact this blog would have, on our lives or the lives of others. We kind of half expected that we'd do it for a month and be done. Or maybe just until Halloween... 

Thanks for Building BIG Memories, Dale!


  1. I know you will take this in the humor in which I mean it: circular saw next to prosthetic leg = kinda funny. ;-) Love your blog! You're family rocks!

  2. Haha! That is pretty funny!! :)