Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 1 - The First Day of School

Rain's facebook status last night:

As of a couple days ago, Rain wasn't going to ride the bus this year. As the school year got closer, he changed his class schedule and his plans and he'll probably be riding the bus at least half the time. Then the bus schedule was finalized and posted online. As Rain's facebook status points out (above), they changed the route again! Last year he got on the bus at the top of our hill, then rode past our house. This year he still gets on at the same stop, but the bus (with a different driver) approaches the neighborhood from the opposite direction and goes UP our hill to pick him up. He won't be on the bus when it passes our house. Now some of you have suggested that Dale should wave at the bus even if Rain isn't on it. Wouldn't that just make Dale that "creepy guy" waving at kids on a bus? 

Bus drives by our house without son on board
Rain getting on the bus

Another option: the bus stop before our house is a little farther (and the other direction) than the stop Rain usually gets on. This would require Rain to leave the house a bit earlier in the morning. We'll try to convince Rain to use that bus stop once a week.

Some movies should never have sequels. And some projects were never meant to be re-created. We'll see how this shapes up. In the meantime, here are Rain's traditional "first day of school" photos:

Rain takes pride in never being late
First day of 11th grade. Captain America Fan (see Day 65)


At least he waves back. It's the next best thing to blowing kisses.

When Ryatt woke up this morning, I gave him a hug and kiss and reminded him that today was his first day of school (2nd Grade). He smiled and said, "the moment of truth!" (seriously, the first words out of his mouth). Ryatt's first day of school photos:

Laughing at Dad
The "Moment of Truth"
Waving goodbye and walking in while music plays


  1. I missed this last year and waited all summer for you to do it again, I hope you do!!

  2. I'm jealous that my kids schools didn't do a balloon arch! How cool is that?!

  3. I am sure your creative family can come up with some other way to keep the FUN going. How about taking him lunch once a week or so in costume with a themed lunch to go along with the costume? Whatever you decide, it was fun seeing all the costumes last year and hope you all have a great school year this year

  4. Dang it. How could the school be so inconsiderate to all the work you put in. I hope the tradition can continue, maybe the kids need to inform the bus driver of the correct route to take.

    Pamela Jo

  5. Hey, we didn't get a balloon arch either! That's not fair! LOL

    Hope you can figure something out - I just found your blog at the end of last year but I really enjoyed it!


  6. Like TJL said, "I hope the tradition can continue". :D