Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waving At Ozz

I have a cousin named Ozz. It’s not the name his parents gave him, but crowned upon him by one (or more) of his six brothers (just guessing that it wasn't his sister). These are the same cousins that gave my little brother the name "Dee," although he doesn’t have the letter "D" anywhere in his name. Ryan = Dee and Tom = Ozz. Go figure. My cousin Ozz grew up near us in San Diego, California, but now lives in Utah, too. Last month Ozz (aka Tom) provided me the key to his house so I could pick up a classic turntable/stereo console that once belonged to our grandparents. Dale was thrilled when I opened the garage door and revealed "the surfboard." Not just any board, but a much loved and used board. This would’ve made a good prop for one of the "170 Days" of waves.

Dale was also pleased to find a precious box of Wheaties. Go Tony Gwynn! Go Padres!

Dale once said, "You never know what you'll find in your neighbors' closets." We can extend that to their garages as well. Here’s waving at you, Ozz!  I hope we remembered to shut your garage door behind us.


  1. Aaaahhh San Diego..........yeah, that sounds nice.

  2. Cool, looks like you have eaten you Wheaties and are ready to ride some waves.
    Rock On ;0)

  3. Wow. Love the surf board. Can't wait to see you use it.

  4. Ozz-some post! LOL! You guys always make me smile when I need some cheering up. Thank you for bringing laughter to the rest of us. =)

  5. Cool blog. Cheered me up on an otherwise dismal day.

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