Friday, August 19, 2011

Buses are Born

Rain and I went for a bike ride on Saturday. He's working on his cycling merit badge (for Boy Scouts) and needed another 25 mile ride. We headed out towards Utah Lake, riding through the farmlands. As we neared what is sometimes called the "Bus Barn." Rain hollered over to me, "Look, it's where the buses are born!" 

Dale's year long example kicked in--Rain can't help but wave at the buses!
Whatta sport
Is he smiling because he won't be riding the bus this year?


  1. He won't be riding the bus? Are you still going to go wave?

  2. Does this mean no more crazy outfits? Surely you can wave at the bike???

  3. Join again in the badges.But the photo suggests that you are in fact happy for not going to ride the bus anymore..right...