Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have a Funny Day!

"What a dreadful thing it must be to have a dull father."
-Mary Mapes Dodge

Happy Father's Day! We celebrate with a few father stories from our family:


"I remember my dad taking me to a movie in the middle of the day when I was about six years old. We walked into the theater, and it was totally empty. My dad told me that he rented the entire theater just for me. I felt like a princess. I was so excited that I spent most of the movie running around the theater and sitting in every single seat."

"My dad ordered a cake for my sixteenth birthday. The cake he ordered was this little kid's dinosaur cake. I guess he was trying to embarrass me, but by now, there's not much else he can do. My cousins thought it was pretty funny, and so did the lady checking us out at Costco."

"My dad went to my school for my birthday. He read my favorite book to my friends in my class. He was so funny."

"I was raised by a single dad, who was raising three boys on his own. He was always there for us and our countless ballgames. One year, I was playing Little League baseball as a Catcher. There was a play at the plate, and it was really close. The runner slid in and knocked me down, the Umpire called him out. The stands erupted in cheers. And then I noticed that I had dropped the ball. I picked it up quickly and nobody had noticed. I then turned around and told the Ump that I had dropped the ball. The runner was called safe and the fans went silent. That was how the game ended. Afterward, my dad told me he had never been more proud. Thanks, Dad, for instilling in me a love for sports and teaching me to own up to my mistakes. Happy Father's Day."

My own father never waved me off to school in a costume (no regrets there). He did, however, spend many mornings helping me fold newspapers for my early morning paper route, teaching and loving through action and example. My dad had his own favorite goodbye phrase, and it continues as a morning farewell in my own home: "Have a funny day!" Thanks for your sense of humor and "knee-slapper" jokes, Dad. May all our days be funny.


  1. Dale, you sound like a pretty awesome dad. Your family is lucky to have you, and vice versa because this entire blog is a testament to how close your family is. I'm sure Father's Day was a very happy occasion for all of you and wishing your family the best.


  2. Absolutely love it. My father was (is) old - I'm 40 and he's 84. He has always been very old school so there wasn't much playing around with him. But, I learned how to do all sorts of handy stuff from following him around everywhere he went!


  3. Thanks for putting yourself out there as a proactive dad--a great example of how to be a great dad.

  4. I love BOTH of your dads so dearly! They have each had an impact on me that carries into my life today! thanks for the laughs and great people that you are! (I was a ''''McGillicutty''''', one of the red haired, freckle faced, twins. :) )

  5. I am loving your blogs, brilliant family :O)

  6. Love the birthday cake photo. Kissing on each cheek!

    Also, could you blog about the leg? I'm curious because it's a real possibility that one of these days, my son will have to have an amputation on his left leg.

  7. I have discovered you as many others have through the recent media. What wonderful and wise observations about parenting. Thank you and Have a Funny Day!

  8. I was in stitches here! What a joke. What a great laugh I had. Love these posts and the comments that accompany them. So I'm a gamer too and I have 888ladies and it's a great site. But as for yours - what a terrific slice of humor!!! Keep it up dudes!

  9. Just a little late for Father's Day, oh well.
    Many years ago when I got my driver's permit, my Dad took me out for a lesson.
    This was in a parking lot, not even on the dangerous city streets.
    I thought I was doing great, but my Dad in a monotone was muttering under his breath, "step on the brake, step on the brake", over and over. I must have been too slow because when I finally jammed on the brake, he had leaped to the floor and was pressing the brake with his hand which was now between the brake pedal and my foot.
    I guess he was worried about the wall of the factory that grew larger and larger as I sped across the lot.
    It was my first and last lesson from him but I was never allowed to forget it. The whole family heard about it.
    My future husband finally taught me and later, our three sons to drive and all's well with the world.

  10. hi :)
    today you were on TV here in Brazil.

  11. What a wonderful Father's Day post. I am sad to say I just discovered this blog, but I will have loads of fun looking at all the costumes. I have already laughed myself silly (is that redundant?) at the ones I have seen. Great parenting, awesome sense of fun! I love it!

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