Friday, March 20, 2015

Hair Commitments

Dale's had a saying for quite some time: "Commit to your costume." He's exemplified this many times over:

There were, admittedly, a few times when it just wouldn't work, and wigs were required:

When our son decided he was going to be a missionary for our church, one requirement is to have short, neatly trimmed hair. So Rain committed. He'd never had long hair, but Mom liked his curls.

And off they went: 
And then Dale decided that he would grow his. LDS missions normally last two years; Dale committed to growing his hair the entire time. He did not consult me on this brilliant idea. I'm enduring the metamorphosis. Now that we're eighteen months in, I thought I'd share the progress of the project.

Here's how Dale's hair looked when Rain left for Africa:
Two months later at Rikki's wedding
Ten months

Eleven months

Fifteen months of growth and he's become the headband master

At the gym he resorts to "pig tails" to keep the hair out of his face. 
Note: pig tails are not allowed in my presence. I have my limits.
"one of these things is not like the other"
Eighteen months later. Six to go.

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