Monday, February 2, 2015

Hawaiian 5-0

Celebrating Dale's Birthday!! 

He's not "50," he's "Hawaiian 5-0." 

Chocolate ice cream to keep his skin brown
Lunch at P.F. Chang's!

followed by a stop at the Cheesecake Factory:

And dinner at Johnny Rockets!?  (it's a good thing he started the day at the gym)

All you can eat haupia at the family celebration!
(all you can eat just about everything else, too... there was a lot of eating going on this weekend.)


  1. Hey, we've got the same B-Day [1st]?! - But, I'm past my 5-0! Although, the CHOCOLATE does keep me "YOUNG"! ...And, the "cryogenic" Temps [-33C windchills] as I shovel... My snowbanks are starting to look like a *white* version of the Ko'olau...
    Anyhoo, Hau'oli la hanau!!

  2. Hope he had a great birthday. Lovely photos.

  3. Hope he had a great birthday. Lovely photos.

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