Monday, November 25, 2013

Wedding Day Part 1 - Our Princess and Her Prince

Our only daughter, Rikki, was married on Saturday (November 23rd)! We'd like to share some of our wedding day experiences with our blog reading friends. Our events of the day had three major parts, so I'll be doing three posts (I know, I'm just too logical sometimes). The wedding took place in the Draper Temple, so this post will share photos from the morning. Part two will share highlights from the ring ceremony, which was scheduled for 1pm. Part three will share photos and video from the reception/celebration which went from 4 to 6pm (and then some).

The wedding took place in the LDS (Mormon) temple in Draper, Utah. This particular temple was dedicated in 2009. The room where the wedding takes place within the temple is called the sealing room, as the bride and groom are "sealed" to each other for time and all eternity. You can read more about our beliefs on that concept here. And you can view photos of the Draper Temple sealing rooms here.

And so it begins... Zakk and Rikki walking towards the temple
Married and exiting the temple! Royalty.
Happy Couple
Outside the Draper Temple

Family Photo!
It's a little sad not having Rain here with us for this event. You can read about how he celebrated in Africa on his latest blog post. Rikki was engaged to be married (and her wedding date set) before Rain left for Africa, so we all knew that he'd be missing this huge day. Before he left on his mission, we visited the Draper Temple and had a wonderful experience there. He was able to visit the sealing room so that he could remember and imagine this moment from afar. In his Christmas package we mailed him his matching purple tie (her colors were purple and green).

25 years ago next month, I wore this same dress and married Dale
Adoring eyes


  1. **CONGRATS**!! They BOTH look WONDERFUL!! And the Dress is Gorgeous! -- Rikki looks remarkably WELL! *hugs* all round!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! What a special day and the dress is gorgeous! Especially the back! Isn't it wonderful that families are forever!