Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It WAS a Tumor

A favorite phrase around our house has been a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop. He mentions he has a headache and a little Kindergartner says, "It could be a tumor." Arnold replies "It's NOT a toomah!"

This video still makes us laugh, but after years of joking, "It's NOT a toomah!" this time it really WAS a tumor. Our daughter, Rikki, is getting married this month. She went in for a premarital physical exam and the doctor found a growth on her thyroid. Initial (FNA) biopsies were inconclusive, but the growth was large (initially estimated at 6.5 cm), so it had to come out. That surgery was on Friday (Nov 1st). 

Pre-op Rikki

Waiting Area. I should have taken an "after" photo of the snacks. Let's just say I ate my share.
It turned into a five hour surgery. It was cancer and had spread to her lymph nodes, some muscle, and was even bigger than originally thought (it had grown up under her jaw bone). The surgeon did an amazing job. 
How do we spend our time in the hospital? Between the occasional visitors, Rikki watches HGTV, Dale and Ryatt read the paper, and I finished my book club book.
When Ryatt joins us, the party starts: 

Rikki is now on the road to recovery. Her ongoing treatment plans are still to be determined--pending detailed pathology reports and cancer review board recommendations. Her wedding will be November 23rd. We're looking forward to celebrating her life and her future with her best friend, Zakk.
Yesterday she graduated to eating toast! (four days post-surgery)


  1. can i just pray for her right now? Dear heavenly Father, i stand be fore You now and ask for a miracle for this young lady. Lord i pray for healing and health for her. Lord, i life her up to You as she marries the love of her life and i ask You for a long life that she may enjoy with her husband and family. i know that You, Lord, have a plan for her as you do for all of us; i ask that in that plan You see fit to give her the healing she so wants and needs. i thank you in advance for your will. in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. a few things...
    1) Ryatt really does move like Jagger!
    2) just an FYI, you're gettin married on Miley Cyrus's birthday (sorry, I just learned that...)
    3) I applaud your determination, your fortitude, and your wonderfully supportive family. I pray that the surgeons were able to get all of the cancer, and I hope if you have more treatment it is as successful as the surgery seemed to be. My good thoughts and wishes are with you.

  3. Oh my god, hope Rikki gets better soon! Although I'm sure that Ryatt's awesome moves will ensure a speedy recovery ;) I love what an amazing family you are, so full of love and support and you are always able to find joy even in the most difficult and challening situations. Rikki is lucky to have you all!! Get better soon!! Love to you all from Mexico!

  4. oh wow, that is so crazy! had she had any symptoms that anything was wrong previous to her Dr. visit? So glad it got taken care of and I hope it doesnt come back in the future. Congrats Rikki on getting married soon!