Thursday, June 21, 2012

Questions Some People Ask

Last summer Dale and I were interviewed by a reporter from the LA Times. Many of her questions were along the lines of "were we worried about repercussions?" Seriously, she asked specifically about repercussions for Rain, or for us as far as our careers, or Rain's future wife, or the guys that Rikki dates.

Repercussions? Really? Maybe we hadn't thought this out so well? We certainly didn't expect the widespread audience we received...

Our real thoughts? Well, it's a fun talking point. We certainly didn't do this in a vacuum--what goes on the internet is certainly there for the world to see, as we are very aware. This has been a life experience for Rain (and us), so it's not like it's going to be a "secret shame" that my employer (or future employers) will "find out about," or the girls Rain dates will "discover." It's now a part of who Rain is and who Dale is. Kind of like "oh, my dad is crazy about golf," or "my dad is quite the coin collector." Rain's dad is "the wave at the bus guy." Rain's dad is funny. Rain's dad is creative. Rain's dad likes to laugh. Rain's dad has the dedication to see a prank through to the end. Rain's dad waved goodbye to his son. Every. Single. Day.

Dale, Rain, and Riot on Mother's Day 2012. Loved the matching pink ties!


  1. Y'all are all so absolutely adorable. I look forward to every post, every photo, and smile. Thank you for sharing your family with us! :)

  2. Aw shucks. Thanks Nicki. I love these boys and that mischievous glint they get in their eyes. When they're not squinting them shut, of course. :)

  3. You guys are just too cute to read about I swear! Seeing your blog updates always makes me smile! Thank you so much for sharing a part of your lives with the world!!!

  4. Repercussions? Like negative repercussions? I wouldn't worry about it. The kind of people who would be part of those negative repercussions are the kind of people you wouldn't want to be around anyway. Any girl who won't date your son because "his father is kind of weird" is somebody who your son (or you) wouldn't be happy with. In a way, you've created a quick sorting process for people.

    On the other hand, ALL THE REST OF THE WORLD thinks you're a very cool dad and your kids are very lucky kids. If anything, your son will get a bit jealous when his date says, "Oh, your dad's the 'Wave at the Bus' guy? That's so cool! I've always wanted to meet him!"

  5. I see this becoming like the book "Love You Forever" I can see Rain carrying this tradition on with his children.

  6. I just found your blog and wanted to say that you guys are hilarious:D.
    Also, as a girl the same age and grade as Rain, the only "repercussions" I see in his future girl wise is finding a girl who has a really great sense of humor and appreciates the great family he has!