Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy (belated) Father's Day!

Hey everyone, this is Rikki! It’s my first post on this blog, and it’s obviously a little late... but that’s because I was spending the day with my dad! This post is pretty much to brag to you about how great my dad is and how much I love him. Because this is what happens when I’m asked to do a Father’s Day post.

I don’t know if you are all aware, but I have one of the greatest dads ever. He is funny - I’ve known that my whole life, just like my little brothers have known. He loves his games (y’know... football... baseball... basketball). He loves to play outside with us (for example, on Saturday we practiced batting to help Ryatt with his baseball skills!). He loves to go on “Juice-runs” (our soda fountain drinks from the gas station runs), and I love to go with him on those and just spend the time talking with him. We love to watch movies and TV shows together.

He took me to my first rock concert, and he bought me a hoodie and a t-shirt there because I thought they were cool. He and I introduce each other to new music all of the time. He’s helped me with my car and taught me more about it than anyone else. He’s helped me to move to college and back, even though I have far too many things that I pack. He’s always there to listen. He’s always been there for me, and he always will be. I’ve always been his little princess, and I always will be. He’s always supported me in everything I do, and I am so grateful for that.

What it comes down to:
I have the best dad ever.


  1. I've only just found this blog and I wish I was your sister :) (ok, at 34, that might be a bit too late...)
    You and your brothers have a wonderful family, and I am sincerely happy to see so much joy, goofiness, dedication, fun and love all compressed in one little blog. Awesomeness!