Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 32 - Torihada-kun

A special wave to our friends at tv-asahi and fans in Japan!  

The explanation for everyone else: for today's wave Dale is dressed as the Torihada show's mascot. Torihada means "goosebumps" in Japanese. As we post this, we are currently "on air" in Japan. As we understand it, this will be a "behind the scenes" look at our family. In Japan it's called a "docudrama" here we call it "reality tv."
If we look fat, that part is all CGI. And if I said something dumb, I think it was just translated incorrectly. 

Stay tuned for more photos and our side of the Japanese tv experience in tomorrow's post.


Notice the "goosebumps" on their little mascot! Dale had real goosebumps. It was 27 degrees F this morning.


  1. LOL! Very cute - I commented below too - but really, your reception over here was great!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Nicole. We haven't seen the show yet, so we have no idea what was said about us!?!

  3. トリハダくんのコスチューム、かわいいです!!さっき、テレビ朝日で放送されていたのを見ました♪とてもユニークに、楽しそうに息子さんを送り出して、すごいお父さんだなぁと思いました^^これからもブログのぞかせてもらいます!

  4. Sooooo nice to meet u!
    I'm a Japanese high school student
    n I saw u on TV today. (about one n half an hour ago)
    I was really moved...
    I wish u keep doing it, (I know u will,)
    n I hope u don't catch a cold cuz it looks freezing out there lol
    Take care:)

  5. HI! I am Japanse and I saw you on TV today. You were awesome dad! I wish I can see you next time I go to US.

  6. I saw TV about you.
    You have nice family and you are special father.
    So very cute costume!

  7. I watched you on tv last night.
    You're so funny and nice costumes!
    I can't wait your next posting!

  8. I am an exchange student in Japan from America, I saw your show last night. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen a parent do, I wish my mom would do that! All I can say is, I'll be thinking of something just as good to do to my kids(when I have them of course)!

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  10. Sorry I misspelled a word in the above post so let me redo it lol

    I am a Japanese living in America, and I just watched your show online.
    I gotta say your enthusiasm and unique costume idea and the reason why you do it was amazing at the least!
    I whole heartedly support it and I hope the best for you and your blog!
    Shout out to the worlds best dad from California!!

  11. Hello from Japan. Just saw you on TV last night. I think anyone would be very lucky to have father like you! Everyone else around me and those on the TV show seemed to have felt pretty much the same way as I did. Just so you know, you are now famous in Japan, so you might wanna bring a body guard or two to protect you from a slew of enthusiastic fans of yours. kiding am I? Sorry about my poor English. got it acrossed? Keep it real (lol)

  12. What a cool family. I love this. I miss my dad who died a very long time ago. He would never have been this cool but he would of loved watching and reading the blog. Being a family of one can lead to lonely moments and I read several friends blogs as they are very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.