Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Torihada Story - Part Three

We'll continue to share more of our "making of the Torihada show" experience on upcoming Behind the Wave podcasts, along with many other stories from our lives. Listen in from our blog here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes, and if you like what you hear, please give us an iTunes rating and comment!

So, back to Torihada (the Japanese reality show)...

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Leading up to the event, we weren't quite sure. In the U.S., television stations frequently edit reality shows to portray families as something they are not. When you open up your life and home to a reality show, you open yourself up to the possibility that the editors will misconstrue situations and make you appear at your worst. We are quite open about ourselves, and hoped the life experience would be worth the exposure. As the film crew left, we felt like it was worth it--just for the new friendships we made during the days of filming. Plus, the opportunity and catalyst the show provided for Dale to go skiing truly made it life-changing.

Now that we are seeing the results of the broadcast in Japan, we continue to be pleased with our choice to participate in this production. We love hearing from our many Japanese fans. Many notes and comments apologize for their poor English skills, but no apologies are needed--our Japanese is not nearly as good as their English. We love the kind words that have been shared here in the comments on the blog, as well as on facebook. We don't always have time to reply, but we read them all. Keep the comments coming... and you may find yourself mentioned in the listener feedback section of a future podcast.
The film crew and Director Ken.
Dale gave the crew "Pegleg Paintball" t-shirts as parting gifts.
"Funny face" photo with the team.
A gift from our guests
Japanese treats! I think Dale ate most of them. They reminded him of his childhood in Hawaii.
Are we done talking about it? No!  
Are we done waving? Absolutely not. be continued...

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