Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 19 - Smokejumper

Everybody wants to be the guy with the chainsaw.


  1. Not really interested in being the guy with the chainsaw, I'd rather just be on his good side.

  2. Haha I would love to do something like this best I have ever done is walked through a super market wearing a hippy costume which people kept thinking was a Jesus costume. Confused the hell out of one old lady as I think she thought it was the second coming and that Jesus had actually been welsh

    Well I do a comedy blog if you want to read more

  3. I found you guys posted on Tumblr and I Googled you straight away. This is hilarious! It's so rare that I come across people who I am actually glad have bred because we do actually need more people like you out in the world. Rain, learn from your Dad. He makes the world a better place, one slightly embarrassing wave at a time. Thanks!

  4. der Bilder wurde vorgeschlagen, dass der Mangel nicht um eine Barriere zu arbeiten. Danke, dass Sie mich sehr inspirierend.
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