Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May your 2012 be full of smiles and waves.

We are in Pasadena for the Tournament of Roses Parade. Rain (and the American Fork Marching Band) will be marching in the parade tomorrow morning. As the band left the hotel for the Santa Monica Pier today, Dale gave them a Happy New Year send off, dressed as Father Time. There were five buses of students, so we got a little more "wave time" than usual. Enough that I took a video of part of it (see below).
For anyone interested in watching the parade, they are scheduled to be 81st in the parade order. You can check here for streaming video info:



  1. Cool beans.
    Keep it up! Looking forward to more photos.

    Showed my monsters your vid and they told me if I ever do that, they'll hunt me down with blunt machetes. LOL

  2. My son and I read this in the Daily Mail today [English paper] and then found our way to your blog.

    Very funny we love it.

    Jo and Luke from Devon in England

  3. Hello from England All your photos waving made me smile. Your family looks really happy. Your blog reminds me just how important good parents are for society and the world. You are good role models, not preaching, but promoting by action. Which so few people do. Though i do wonder how many more costume you can make, to do one a day must take a lot of ingenuity.

  4. Happy New Year from Romania :)

  5. Hallå!

    Bravo pappa! En god fortsättning från det varma Sverige!


  6. Saw the band in the parade -- I didn't make the connection until I saw your post today. The band looked great! Unfortunately the HGTV hosts talked over the music... GRRRR.

  7. Your poor child... oh well, least it will be something to look back on a laugh about.