Friday, October 29, 2010


1. As of today, we've officially made it through waving every day of the First Term of school. Only a quarter of the way done!?!

2. On Tuesday we had an early morning visit from our local (Salt Lake City) NBC station, KSL 5. They are doing a story on Dale and Rain. This story airs
today on "Studio 5," during the 11:00 am hour. Here's a sneak preview:


  1. What a great and fun way for you to build a relationship with your son! Good for you! I'm sure that he will remember these times, and how embarassed he was, and be able to appreciate all that you did for him! Just wait until he becomes a father, it will mean even that much more! Thank you!

  2. Do you have a youtube (or other) link for video on the actual news clip not just the teaser?