Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 29 - Is it Halloween Yet?

Incognito doesn't work for everyone...
Mohawk or not, we can always spot Dale.


  1. Thank God, Now I understand why I do the strange things I do! It's Hereditary!
    Hi Cuz, i love it!
    Ask my dad, if you see him this weekend.
    He & I used to go pick up my daughter, Jillian, from middle school everyday. We'd try to think of something different each day from holding balloons or a slushie or a toy out the window to painting the car w/ "Jillians great, We Love Jillian" all over. She was so serious and used to get so mad at us but today, she's 26, lives in Chicago and remembers those days. She says, they helped her to stop being so uptight about life and her social situation.
    I'll betcha you make more kids smile each day, than you even know!
    How does your son like it?
    Can't wait to see tomorrow!
    Keep it up dad, great work!


    ps. what's your address, i have some costumes i want to send you! leilanil@ameritech.net

  2. What a cute and incredible family you have. I love it! When do you appear on Jay Leno?