Friday, September 18, 2015

He's Back! Welcome Home Elder Price!

After two years overseas, Rain has returned to the USA! He served as an LDS Missionary in Liberia for one year, then in Ghana for the second year. Missionary rules are state that he can only email us only once a week (typically on Mondays), and phone calls were allowed only on Christmas and Mother's Day. 

Rain arrived home from West Africa on Friday evening, September 18th. It was joyous and emotional. I asked Dale what three words he would use to describe it. We came up with Joy, Relief, and Euphoria. It's indescribable.
Moms get the first hug
The men welcomed the returning missionaries with the haka

Dad hug

Brother hugs
More cousins - ready for RAIN!

Dale made name tags for each of us "so Rain will remember who we are!"

Dale went the entire two years without a hair cut. He took it out of its usual ponytail to show Rain the growth.
We had a jacket waiting in the car for him. The cool weather here was a shock on his system.

*you may notice we're missing a family member in all of these photos. Rain's older sister, Rikki, recently had a baby and won't be able to visit from Alaska until Christmas time.

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