Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dale's Halloween How-To

Step 1: Drive a couple hearses onto the front lawn. Normal enough, right?
Step 2: Add an awning and old picket fences
Steps 3 through 333: Go crazy with a graveyard, inflatables, spiders, and ghouls
Add a big purple Godzilla, just 'cause he can.
Add some neighborhood kids, because an attraction like this is a kid magnet
Aerial of the graveyard
Godzilla is taller than the house
More to come...


  1. This is incredible :) How did you get the aerial shots? looking forward to following your blog :) I just happened across it by chance!

    1. We're glad you found us! The aerial shots were done by a friends drone, and they turned out great. Too bad the side of the house wasn't done yet, maybe next year we'll get those shots as well.