Friday, July 11, 2014

Dale's Dream - On Video

Dale has spent twenty two years as an above-knee amputee. He's used various prostheses--most notably his durable and versatile, but sloooowww "pegleg" (which he loves). Dale has finally acquired a leg that won't hold him back. This is what dreams are made of. This video footage was all taken within two hours, showing his very first walking steps outdoors with the new leg, to the point where he could actually run.

Note from Dale: "Once I started getting the hang of it I didn't want to stop. I had been imagining that feeling for the last 22 years, and to finally realize this dream was emotionally overwhelming. As you can see I'm sweating buckets, because every time I stopped, I only wanted to run some more. I stopped due to the pain on my stump from the rubbing this new leg is causing. Some adjustments will need to be made to the socket, because all I can think about is going out and running some more."


  1. Just amazing, I felt like I was running with you! You are a great man and I wish you nothing but a beautiful life!