Saturday, October 26, 2013

Extra Extra! Halloween News

Our local newspaper, the Daily Herald, stopped by for photos and a story yesterday. Dale told me, "it was the same photographer that came to report on our Japanese reality show." It seems strange that Dale is getting to know the reporters and photographers in the area. But yeah, this was not his first photo shoot or interview. This story appeared in today's newspaper, along with a collection of photos.

Click to view the Herald's photo gallery
Spenser (the photographer) got this fun shot of Dale with the blow up dinosaur. Dinosaur or dragon? I think it's a dragon (notice the fire-breathing). Lately it's been called the blow-up Godzilla. It's big and it's purple, but it's not Barney.
As for the story. Well it appears as though in "soft stories" like this, the facts aren't super critical. Yes, he spends two months setting up, but TENS of thousands of trick or treaters? nah. visitors? drive by's? Well, maybe cumulatively. It sounds much more impressive this way, though, right? 
Click to read the Herald's story
My favorite line? "His three kids have been his helpers over the years. His wife, not so much. 'My wife is a fan that she doesn't have to do anything for it.'" Well yeah. It's his hobby, his passion, his gift to the community. I'll support his efforts behind the scenes. I'll enjoy it, shake my head at the amount of time he invests in it, and invite my friends over to admire his artwork.

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