Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday, Rain!

In celebration of Rain's life (and 18th birthday!), we share with you his prom photos from last weekend. He and his date (Emma) attended their Senior Prom in true duct tape style. Dad had no (direct) influence on this project; we give Emma all the credit with creative input and labor from Rain.
Rain's waving back as Rikki photo-bombs. :)
For those of you unfamiliar with Duct Tape prom attire--it's based on contest rules, with a scholarships sponsored by the Duck Brand duct tape ( Emma's dress and handbag are made entirely from duct tape. Rain used a suit and vest as framework, then completely covered and trimmed in duct tape. The only visible non-duct tape portion is his white tux shirt.
Yes, they were the only ones at their prom wearing duct tape.
Even the corsages were tape

The vest was solid silver with large blue stripes (on the front) to make the silver appear as pin-stripes
Love the gold highlights and zipper.
And my video tribute, originally created for Rain's 16th birthday:


  1. both the dresses are very colorful and shows that they have do very hard work on this...

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  2. So sweet. Happy birthday. You are a very lucky, well loved kid. Have fun at Prom!
    Your Dad is the best.

  3. That is one sharply dressed couple. That dress has huge, gorgeous Missoni influences! Happy Birthday, Rain!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Today is my birthday too and seeing these awesomely creative wearable works of art on such a beautiful smiling couple just makes my day. Happy day of birth and happy every other day to y'all as well.

  5. I like that mostly your jacket style it must awesome seeing at your body perfect fitness ....
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  6. Happy Birthday to Rain. So nice to see loving and thoughtful people in this world.

  7. What a great family. It's a pleasure seeing something happy, fun and positive. Thank you for sharing. Happy 18th Birthday, Rain. I love the Duct Tape Prom attire!

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  9. Wow this is truly amazing. Hope they had a great night!