Sunday, July 15, 2012

The BYU Wave

Last week Rain had the opportunity to attend a multicultural event at Brigham Young University (BYU). From BYU's website: "SOAR, or Summer of Academic Refinement, is a five-day college preparation program which prepares and informs students of the educational benefits and expectations at Brigham Young University." The program is for high school students who have finished their Junior year, as a way to encourage and prepare them for college and the college application process. The week wraps up with the students taking the ACT on Friday morning, a banquet with parents Friday evening, followed by a dance Friday night (after the parents leave). 

As we left the banquet we drove through the dorm parking lot where Rain and his new friends were staying. We could see the light on in his room as the guys were preparing for the dance. I called Rain's cell phone as Dale hopped out of the car:

I hope we get to wave at the BYU dorms in August 2013. And Rain still likes us well enough to wave back. Rain's senior year is about to begin...