Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

It was a busy "holiday" week for us. I intended to post this on July 5th, after we were done with our Independence Day celebrating, but we ended up spending that morning at the Emergency Room with Rikki. Maybe she will write a post for us about her close encounter with a spider and her sprained ankle and fractured wrist. She is doing much better now, hobbling around, but she appears to be healing well. We'll just leave it at that. So, a week later, you can hear about our holiday...

We began our 4th with... you guessed it, another parade! Provo, Utah hosts the annual Freedom Festival this week. You can check out a news story on it here. The Grand Parade is an event that attracts over a quarter million spectators along the two mile parade route. I rode my bike to the parade and watched and waited for the American Fork HS Marching Band. Because I hadn't "camped out" and staked my area out hours ahead of time, I had a fairly impaired view of things. I did have the bicycle advantage, however, and was able to jump around a few blocks and watch the band pass from a few different locations. Here's a video I put together with some of those clips (thanks to a fellow band mom for the higher quality first portion of it, my cell phone camera just wasn't cutting it).

Rain is in the front row, easy to spot.

After riding my bike home from Provo our family went swimming at the local pool (er, no photos). Then Ryatt and Dale decorated our "Flag Cake." It was a hit!
Happy Birthday America!

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