Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome To Our World

Our neighbors have noticed the camera crews. The local news station has noticed. The local paper has noticed. And we are ready to tell you all about our side of the Japanese Reality TV story... just as soon as the show airs in Japan on April 3rd.

In the meantime, we thought we'd give you more of the Dale Price Family Story. Our side of the story. And boy, does Dale have stories. Last fall we made a little video about ourselves and the craziness, but I never posted it. Now that we've spent days with our lives under the scrutiny of cameras, we realize there will be no secrets. Not that we had any, but at least we had a little privacy. 

Today I posted this video about our family on youtube. It's pretty long. If you get past the boring part of Dale and me talking about ourselves (awkward, feel free to skip from 2:51 to 6:00), I think it shows a side of Rain that doesn't come across in the tv and radio interviews he's done. He's really a funny kid. I've posted an excerpt with the last 90 seconds of the video here:

We've also started a podcast. When I started the blog, Dale said, "what's a blog?" When I suggested we do a podcast, I got a similar reaction. As a runner, I listen to podcasts all the time. When my friends can't run with me, my podcasts can. For those of you who are new to the idea, it's like broadcasting your own radio show. It's simply a recording that others can listen to on their computer, mp3 player, or other digital audio device. We are now listed in the iTunes store (for free!), or you can listen right from our blog. We start off a little rough, but I think Dale and Jeff are getting the hang of it. Jeff is a friend and neighbor that we invited to join with us on the podcasts, partly because it's a lot more fun to share stories with friends who haven't heard them all before, and because Jeff makes us laugh, too. This podcast isn't so much about waving at the bus--although we do have some fun reading and discussing comments that have been left on the blog and facebook pages. This is about us. This is about the life stories that have made us who we are. Which is why we call it "Behind the Wave." Even if nobody wants to listen, at least our kids will have a wonderful audio history of their dad's life. Feel free to listen, feel free to comment, and we hope you smile and enjoy!


  1. Your family is so awesome.

  2. I'm watching your story on Japanese TV! Love it!! Will keep an eye on your blog from now on too :) Nicole

  3. Hi from Japan. Just watched the TV about you and visited your blog. It's amazing !,,

  4. You the man, Dale! My wife and I just watched you on Torihada TV show in Japan, and we enjoyed very much. Keep up your awesome job!

  5. I just saw you on Japanese TV!! Great blog and wonderful costumes!!! It was so heart warming!!

  6. Hello
    I look after you by Japanese TV program called the TORIHADA now in Tokyo.
    The figure that you see off a child by a costume play every morning seems to be pleasant, and by peace and a parent think for a splendid act to love children. I am splendid!
    Because I have a 7-year-old son, there is not the splendid costume play like you, but it is fun and wants to think about what I spend with a family every day.
    Say hello to families!

  7. Now, I saw TV in Japan! It was very, very interesting! It is a wonderful family!

  8. Hello!! Im french living in Tokyo, just watched you on the main TV channel!!
    Its 9.30pm here!!
    Hahaha you're too much fun, I love what you're doing!!
    I bet millions of japanese know about you know!
    With lot of love, Emma

  9. Hi! I'm just watching the Japanese TV program ‘Torihada scoop’. I really love ur ’morning activity ‘!
    don't catch a cold... it looks so cold!
    Kumiko @ Fukushima , Japan

  10. Hi :) We just saw you on Japapnese TV! You have a very nice son and Family! I hope I had a dad like you! We would've really want to be one of your neighbor and see your costume everyday!

  11. Hi! I am Japanese!
    I just saw you on "Torihada scoop"!
    Your cosplay is great!!!!
    Of course, your family too!

  12. From Japan!!!

    My name is Neo 10 years-old. I live in Tokyo.
    I saw your coustumes with my family from Torihada TV now. I can`t believe how awsome they were. I have two questions. What is your favorite costum? What is your first costum?

    We felt your big love to your children.
    Thank you!!

  13. So many people are from Japan, but I am from England and want to say that you guys look so fun! I wasn't able to get to the long YouTube link about your family but I would love to see more of your awesome family life! You rule!!!

  14. Kitty Cat: Thanks for all your kind comments. You should be able to view all of our family videos by visiting my YouTube channel:
    The explanation for the many Japanese fans and comments is that we were featured on a prime time show there back in April. You can view that show using this link

    You can also follow us on our Wave at the Bus facebook page here:

    Keep the comments coming, we love them! :)