Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Countdown Report 4

Who's Your Superhero?

A few years back we settled on a costume theme of Superheros:
Halloween 2008
Halloween 2008 without the masks. Good thing Dale took off the glasses or we might not have known it was him.
Ms L and the 2008 preschool class

Ryatt's preschool class joined us for their annual field trip to our house:

Random Trick or Treater

I don't even know who this guy is, but he showed up at our house that Halloween Night (along with thousands of other Trick or Treaters). His costume was one of my favorites of the night. At our house, the rule is "No costume, no treat." And Dale personally hands out glow sticks to every trick or treater that comes by (well, once in a while we give him a bio break, but not often).

Last year started a new tradition. Okay, we didn't realize it was a tradition until it was repeated again this year. The first graders at the local elementary school (last year Ryatt was a first grader there) enjoy a Fall walking field trip, gathering leaves and seeds and other "nature items." It just so happens that our seasonal decorations have become a highlight of "the walk," as 130 plus kids run through the haunted houses and enjoy the "fog bubble machine." Seriously, this fog bubble machine is the coolest invention. It's a bubble machine, but instead of just regular bubbles, it uses fog juice, so when the bubbles pop, the fog appears and drifts away. Here are a few photos from this year's field trip:
Here come the little goblins

and then they were gone...
The First Grade Field Trip gave Dale a reason to hurry up with some of the decorations. Rain did a great job on the roof hanging creatures from the eaves:

Dale put up a sign, welcoming guests to walk around.

Notice the ghosts in the windows. They move and wave at night.
Many of these decorations involve robotics and animations. Dale puts a lot into the lights, motion, and sound.
Back under the trees are haunted houses for the kids to "walk" through. The grass in that area usually needs reseeding each year. And neighbor kids' bikes frequently line the sidewalk.

 Days Until Halloween: 10


  1. Read your story on Readers Digest Asia October 2011 edition. Wow your an amazing dad. HAHA. I hope your son will never turned blue when you take him to the bus, Following you. hope you could follow me too..

    from Philippines with ♥

  2. I wish The Spouse enjoyed Halloween as much as I do. I would love to decorate the way you folks do.