Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 151 - May the Force...

"I'm not a Jedi because I like the hum of the lightsaber in my hand…and I'm not a Jedi because I like being a Jedi. I'm a Jedi because the Galaxy needs Jedi."

―Torr Snapit


  1. Aaaaahhhh, you missed it!
    This should have been today's post!!
    "May the 4th be with you!!"

  2. I knoooowww! "May the thecond be with you" just doesn't work (and yes, that was my attempt at a lisp).

  3. Mabuhay and greetings from the Philippines! I discovered this blog recently and as a dad of two kids myself, I admire how you have gone to great (wave)lengths expressing fatherly love in your own unique and funny way.

    I maintain a Filipino-flavored Star Wars fan blog, , and I was wondering if I could repost some of your pictures on my site, particularly those that are SW-related. Be assured that I would definitely link back and give proper photo credits.

    From my family to yours, God bless and we wish you all the best! And an advance Happy Father's Day, Dale!

    Randy Galvan (aka jedi_randy)

  4. this is the best one yet! :) i wish im on that bus too..