Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 123 - Hawaiian Style

We're going to the Hukilau.


  1. I am having a blast checking out your costumes. Thanks for the laughs.

    Pamela Jo

  2. This is absolutely HILARIOUS! hahahaha! i used to make my mom drop me off a block away from school. i would have DIED if she did this to me! Love it though!!!

  3. I can so understand this dad, as I had a desire to do the similar thing when picking or dropping off my 16 year old son at school.Once for a joke, after dropping him off in front of the school, I called his name out loud and said "Muffin, mommy loves you. Don't forget to wash your hands before having lunch! xoxo" You can imagine the reaction of kids that were surrounding him at that moment? Most of them knew me too, so that is why I survived it... ;) But your persistence in admirable! What a unique memory to carry through life, for all of the family! You just rock!