Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 22 - Donkey Kong

Mario and Luigi's other brother... the one they don't talk about.

He lives on, waving at the bus.


  1. Bad title. Donkey Kong has nothing to do with Mario. The title makes no sense. Plus, Donkey Kong is not an Italian Plumber!

  2. Technically, Donkey Kong kind of has everything to do with Mario. Without Donkey Kong, there would have been no Jumpman, and without Jumpman, no Mario, so... yeah. But, insofar as relating to Mario within the past decade, I guess outside of the Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Mario Kart, & Mario vs. Donkey Kong franchises & other games they appear in together, you are correct, Megan! :) []

    But you're right, naming this entry Donkey Kong could confuse the readers. Perhaps, since this costume is supposed to represent Mario & Luigi's other brother, his should be named Pepe!

  3. I was purely speaking about the latter comment you made about this costume being Mario and Luigi's brother... You got it. Naming it "Donkey Kong" makes it seem like I should be looking for a monkey... not what is actually depicted. I do see that they have things in common such as being video game characters etc... but just in the general scheme of things, the title doesn't represent very well what is shown

    1. TECHNICALLY he looks like donkey kong and mario's love child

  4. Megan....loosen up. Were you the teacher's pet in school, too?