Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Today's the day. Rikki received her Radioactive Iodine treatment this morning. We went to the nuclear medicine clinic in separate cars so she could drive herself home. She's now in isolation--no one is supposed to be within 12 feet of her for the next 72 hours, then it drops to 6 ft for the week after that. She's radioactive!
Looks like we're in the right place.
Shortly before swallowing the I131 pill.
After the treatment. Ready to drive herself home.

^^ Rikki's theme song for the next couple weeks ^^

If you're wondering what all this radioactive business is about, our daughter Rikki had thyroid cancer. She needed this treatment as a follow up to her surgery to finish off the job on a microscopic level. You can read about this type of treatment here:

You can read about her diagnosis here:

And she's written about her experience here: 


  1. I had a scare of thyroid cancer about a year ago. I'm very blessed it wasn't that, but we did find out my pituitary gland has stopped recognizing the thyroid pills I take so my TSH levels are through the roof probably for the rest of my life. I hope this keeps her well and that it's all gone after this treatment.

    Many prayers for you all!

  2. Your blog continues to amaze and inspire. You even put a smile on cancer. You're family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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