Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parade Season 2012

We know summer is here when we spend our Saturday mornings sitting on the curb of various small town Main Streets. Our first parade of this season was in our neighboring city of Lehi, Utah. Lehi was famous for being the site where the original Footloose movie was filmed in 1984. We "set up camp" in the intersection next to the post office.

Rain is starting his Senior year of high school next month, so this will be the last time he marches with the band in each of these parades. As for us? We just smile and wave! (and cheer!) It's Rain's turn to wear a costume!
Ryatt and his cousins
Rikki and Dale
Yes, we really do set up in the middle of the intersection!
Ryatt waiting for the parade to start
It all begins with our flag
Not the band we were waiting for, but cool!

And here they are!

AFHS Marching Band - Brass
Rikki managed this shot with her iPhone. Our challenge is always to try to make Rain smile.
Mission Accomplished! This is as close to a smile as we've ever been able to get from Rain during a performance.
And yes, we know it's blurry, but it was Ryatt's shot